Three ways to work with 50x Digital

Offshore Staffing Solutions

We provide a full range of services for clients who wish to build offshore teams in the Philippines. This includes short-term staff leasing solutions to incorporating a subsidiary company in the Philippines. Our experienced management team has over a decade of experience in building digital marketing teams for clients in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Strategic Management Consulting

Our management team has over a decade of experience in driving digital marketing strategy for private equity and venture-backed startups. We know how to scale your marketing program to meet aggressive growth targets while staying within budget by leveraging a large pool of talent in the Philippines. Many of our clients augment their staffing needs with a consulting retainer to maximize results.

Professional Agency Services

For clients who are not prepared to invest in a dedicated offshore staffing solution, we can offer professionals services through our agency division. We offer a limited number of targeted services including SEM / PPC management, Facebook Ads management, SEO link building, and web content writing.

Why Choose Us?

End-to-end Offshore Staffing Solutions for U.S. Tech Startups

Our California-based customer success team will support you through the on-boarding, recruitment, training, and management of your offshore team. With over 20 years of Philippines-management experience, we simplify the offshoring process to a stress-free, on-demand source of talent.