What's Included in an Incorporation Package?

Formation and Licensing

Filing incorporation paperwork with the SEC, registering with local/federal agencies, and obtaining any necessary licenses. Plus, establishing a board of directors and corporate bylaws to provide legal and management oversight.

Office and Infrastructure

Search for appropriate office space and negotiate a favorable lease contract. Establish relationships with vendors to acquire furniture, equipment, utilities, and connectivity.

Executive Search

Recruit and hire a country general manager to act as president for the Philippines corporation. We can provide additional executive search services to fill out your management team on a per-hire basis.

Specialized Incorporation Services for Foreign Companies

Joint Venture (<40% Foreign Ownership)

Sometimes referred to a 60/40 domestic corporation, a joint venture can include from 0.01% up to 40% foreign equity. This type of corporation requires far less initial capital and can serve both local and international markets

If you’re interested in a 60/40 joint venture, 50x Digital can provide introductions to potential partners and negotiate a deal when the time comes.

100% Foreign-Owned Corporation

Under Foreign Investments Act, corporations can have 40.01% to 100% foreign equity when they meet specific guidelines. This is the preferred route for many foreign investors with a majority of their operations targeted at the export market.

Let us help you incorporate in the Philippines!

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