50X Digital has a new home!

We are excited to announce that we opened a new facility at Robinsons Cybergate 3, Mandaluyong last January 2018. We put a lot of thought into the design and amenities of our new space and we wanted it to reflect our fresh, vibrant, and forward-thinking company culture. There are plenty of reasons why we love our new digs, here are just five of them:

1. Open plan office space

At 50X Digital, we want to nurture a culture of openness and collaboration. So, we ditched the typical cube farm and used an open and inviting office layout. We believe this helps inspire and foster teamwork, transparency and communication, which are some of the cornerstones of our company values. When our team members need a more private and quiet space to concentrate on a difficult project, they can always use our conference/idea room.

2. Bright and pleasant

Did you know that natural light stimulates the production of serotonin, the neurochemical responsible for happy feelings and alertness? The first thing you’ll likely notice when you come into our office is the abundance of natural light. We start our day early (we have daily meeting calls at 6am sharp), and we love it when the morning sun gradually and gently brightens our windows. All this natural light also gives the office a relaxed and airy ambience all day.

3. Excellent Location

EDSA and Boni MRT Station are just a few minutes’ walk away. We enjoy the proximity to these transport hubs without the traffic noise, since we are located on the quiet side of Robinsons Cybergate 3. The office is also within easy walking distance of two malls and dozens of restaurants and convenience stores. Also, the growing foodie hub of Kapitolyo, Pasig is just a short ride away.

4. Food

Life at 50X Digital is not complete without food! So we make sure our office pantry has coffee, tea, and a snack stash. We also have regular team lunches and spontaneous pizza or donut parties, especially when we celebrate individual and group achievements.

5. Us!

At 50X Digital, we know that a secret to a good workplace is having an excellent group of people you want to work with. That’s why we are always looking for enthusiastic, optimistic and self-motivated people to add to our rapidly growing family.

Check out more photos of our new office below: