Last February 19, 2018, Team 50x Digital took their digital marketing caps off and put their game faces on. It was a full day of activities aimed at building confidence, trust, teamwork, and friendship.

If there’s one thing Team 50x Digital share aside from our commitment to excellence, it is our love for good food! So, there was no better way to start the day than with a really hearty Korean lunch hosted by our CEO Sam Nam.

Team 50x Digital, scaling new heights

In the afternoon, the team started its next activity: wall climbing. Even though it was the first time for some of our team members to try wall climbing, they eagerly strapped on their gears and followed the instructor’s directions.

It didn’t take long before our dauntless team colleagues were scrambling up the wall and racing to the top! Everyone was paired up into climbing partners. While one climbs up, the other acts as the “belayer” and holds the rope securely. The hours quickly passed by as our competitive coworkers practiced on different walls with various difficulty levels, always with a generous helping of bloopers and laughter.

Team 50x Digital is always ready for a challenge

Lessons from wall climbing

The wall climbing activity was strenuous but nevertheless an enjoyable experience. Most importantly, we left with valuable lessons that will prove to be useful both in and outside the workplace:

  • Overcoming fear – Like many things in life, climbing a 15-foot wall for the first time can be daunting. But if you just give it a try and keep looking upwards, you’ll be conquering your fears without even realizing it.
  • Responsibility and trust – The belayer is responsible for the climber’s safety. At the same time, the climber must trust the belayer.
  • Effective communication – The climber and the belayer must communicate effectively to keep each other safe during a climb.
  • Focus and presence of mind – Every action one makes, like choosing which rock to hold or step on to, requires calmness and presence of mind.

Afterwards, the team proceeded to the next activity: the escape room at Breakout Philippines. This time, the team flexed their mental muscles to figure out the clues and get out of the room on time. Although, none of us were able to do so, it was still a fun learning experience for everyone.

There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences.

50x Digital Takeaway

50x Digital values the holistic growth of each team member. These learning activities allow us to step off the daily grind and provide opportunities to learn more about ourselves and each other outside the workplace milieu. Our team building activities help us build a bond of friendship and trust, and strengthens teamwork.

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