How Does Offshore Staff Leasing Work?

Needs Analysis

We will discuss your company's manpower needs and, using our experience and knowledge of the Filipino job market, help you craft an appropriate job title, description, and compensation package. Our aim is to offer a high-touch, white glove experience.

Targeted Recruitment

Over the past 10 years, we've built an extensive professional network in the marketing and technology industry. We do more than post a job listing online; we leverage our connections to recruit specialized talent that matches your needs.

Client Success

Building a strong offshore team requires an experienced hand at the wheel. Each client is assigned a client success manager to provide daily operational and management support. Our goal is to make your offshore team feel like a natural extension of your department.

Specialized Offshore Staffing Solutions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialists

Building a successful SEO program for your company often requires a large-scale effort. Whether you’re rewriting thousands of pages, building hundreds of links, or optimizing on-site link structures, there never seems to be enough people on the team to get everything done. 

By leveraging the large pool of SEO talent in the Philippines, you can finally get the resources you need. The majority of 50x Digital clients have SEO teams of 5-10 dedicated professionals, which allows them to rapidly execute their SEO strategies and provides them with a meaningful competitive advantage.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / PPC (Pay Per Click) Specialists

Managing an enterprise paid search program is a constant battle against your competitors. As your SEM impression share expands, you have more keywords and ad copies to maintain. Bid automation and management platforms can help, but ultimately you need more people to analyze ad copies and track competitors.

The 50x Digital management team members are industry experts and thought leaders in the Philippines’ SEM industry. Through our network, we can recruit and train the most skilled and experienced SEM specialists to augment your team and expand your bandwidth.

Multimedia Artists / Graphic Designers

The Art Department is always under pressure from multiple stakeholders to deliver high-quality artwork and designs under tight deadlines. Art directors have to balance their time between developing the concept art and producing the multiple applications, variations, and layouts requested.

Building a strong support staff of multimedia artists and graphic designers in the Philippines with 50x Digital can be a game-changing force multiplier for your art department. Your art directors can spend their time developing innovative and beautiful concepts, while your offshore team can handle the heavy load of production.

Content Writers / Bloggers

Content is king and quality content is in increasingly high demand! Blogs, press releases, product pages, white papers, email newsletters, and the list keeps growing. Staffing a large team of in-house writers can be costly in a developed country like the United States.

We can help you tap into a huge talent pool of skilled content writers and bloggers working in the Philippines. Our recruitment process includes multiple writing tests to ensure candidates have a natural grasp of the Western English writing.

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